Casino Tropez Mobile Makes Some Guy Very Happy…He Just Can’t Tell Anybody About It

People.  PEOPLE!  This mobile casino thing is getting out of control quickly! 

Check out this news item from Casino Tropez Mobile.  Seems that some dude from Norway, “Janne,” took home a whopping 28 big ones playing video poker.  In and of itself, that is a big deal.  But on a freaking cell phone???  ARE YOU KIDDING ME???

Seriously, I can’t even send a 200 character text message without my mom calling while I’m typing, causing me to lose the entire thing.  HOW DOES ANYBODY IN THE YEAR 2008 GAMBLE LONG ENOUGH….ON A CELLULAR PHONE!?!?!….TO WIN TWENTY-EIGHT THOUSAND DOLLARS!?!?!

How much time does it even require in one sitting to win that much money anyway?  When I’m playing casino games online or in Vegas, I drop what I’m doing to call my friends after going up five hundy!  I start getting the shakes when my handset gives me the low battery message.   

So yeah…props to you, Janne.  You made out like a bandit.  But you probably missed three calls about the hot blondie at the kegger down the street.  So in the end, you’re probably broke even.

BEEP!  “Hi, Janne, it’s Veronica.  I reaaaaaally wish you had answered.  I have a special surprise for you but alas, you’re not there.  I guess I’ll just have to call Tom.  I’m SURE he’ll answer…” 


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