More Sports Betting Blunders to Be Aware Of (Don’t Say You Weren’t Warned)

Well, folks, it’s that time of year again.  If you’ve been living under a rock, I’m one of the many sports betting junkies with a case of March Madness.  I’m on the phone with my sports book non-stop, picking Cindarellas like Davidson over Kansas, and then getting upset when the clock strikes midnight.  It ain’t easy winning in March.

If you’re serious about betting though, there are a few caveats you’ll want to be aware of.  Oh sure, there are the obvious ones, the sports betting blunders that you can find on any gambling site, such as the gamblers’ fallacy which states that past history does not determine future performance.  Fifty consecutive coin flips resulting in heads doesn’t mean a fifty-first is any more likely.  (Although if you’re flipping a coin fifty times, you might want to re-examine how you’re spending your time.)

Now I’d like to examine a few more lesser-known sports betting blunders that you’ll need to be aware to take the big step from Losing Joe to Betting Pro.

Bad Sports Better
Don’t make picks like this guy.

1)  Never compete with your girlfriend in a March Madness tournament bracket.  For most sporting events, betting success is determined by things like knowledge, wisdom, and experience.  For the NCAA tournament, however, your average pool winner tends to have watched approximately 2 minutes of basketball EVER, makes picks based on jersey color, and oh yes, is a woman.  Losing to someone who admittedly knows nothing about sports is about as pleasing as having your toenails ripped off your feet by a pair of pliers.

2) Never make sports bets on games and proceed to chug multiple Bud Lights in the second half of a Final Four qualifier.  I’m not saying I did it, I’m just saying somebody in my house was running to the bathroom every seven minutes like an 80 year-old as Stephen Curry was bringing Davidson back against Kansas.  (Ok, I did it.)

3) Never make your picks, then change them, then change them again, then regret changing them back, then tell yourself you’ll beat yourself if you don’t take that trendy upset in the second round.  This is a surefire way to want to douse your hair in gasoline and light your head on fire.  Bracket regret sucks so trust your gut the first time around. 

Is it the Final Four yet?  Excuse me while I go make my picks. 


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