I’ve Got a Bad Case of March Madness

It all started last Thursday when I woke up.  My throat was a little scratchy and my head hurt.  Aspirin?  No help.  Chicken soup?  Nope.  Only when I logged into my trusty online sports book to put $20 on Belmont to cover the spread against Duke did I start to feel better. 

Unfortunately, much of Day 1 of the NCAA Tournament was uneventful and my temperature soared.  With the lack of upsets, I had to pacify myself with a few games of online blackjack to get myself right. 

Friday morning?  Even worse.  With the games not beginning till mid-day, I felt like hell.  Throbbing head, hives, double vision.  Then something happened.  I won $85 on slots before going 12-4 in my picks that day, capped by my pick of Cinderella Davidson.  With each correct pick, my bracket looked better and I felt my strength returning. 

Just to be safe, I squeezed in a doctor’s appointment between the 2nd and 3rd games in Tampa.  What he told me confirmed my suspicions…

Yup.  I’ve got a case of March Madness

With Davidson’s Stephen Curry…who needs penicillin?

With Davidson’s Stephen Curry…who needs penicillin?


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