Online Poker Just Got a Lot More Fun…And Pass the Pizza, Duuuuuuude

Dude, if you like online casinos and the wacky tabacky is your thing, you have TOOOOOOTALLY got to check out this online poker room,   Dude, is an AWEEEEEEEEESOME new online poker room in the Merge Gaming Network.  I’m not advocating legalizing the ganja or gambling under the influence of what may or may not be illegal in some countries….HOWEVER, what I am saying is…

Heh heh, what was I saying again?  Heh heh….heh heh.  I’m pretty funny.

Anyway, Reefer Poker is one of the newcomers to the online gambling community and they’re, like, pretty cool.  They have players from all over, make it easy for you to deposit money and get started, and their site is real nice looking.  

Hey, is it 4:20?  Deal the chronic, Spicoli…I mean cards.   


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