Online Roulette: I Think My Head Hurts

I’m not gonna lie; I’m pretty good at math.  I play a lot of online casino games:  poker, blackjack, roulette, the works.  You don’t need to be a probability genius to gamble but it does help when it comes time to vary your bets and predict what will or won’t happen next.  Online gambling can be a whole different animal from casino gambling; in casino blackjack, a dealer may use six decks from a single shoe.  On the internet, there’s no “virtual shoe”; each hand is completely separate and unaffected by the one before it.

When reading this article about online roulette, I came across a betting strategy that a lot of people use, the Martingale system.  Interesting mathematical model which requires no special math skills…only one problem-the casinos won’t fall for it.  Check it out and you’ll see why.

If you really like gambling, math, and aren’t afraid to have your head hurt a little, take a look at this classic and mind-blogging brainteaser:  the Monty Hall problem.  I dare you to try.


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