The Real Reason Online Casinos are So Popular

Technology is crazy.  CRAZY!  I was talking to my teenage cousin yesterday trying to explain what life was like before the internet.  Are you kidding me???  She looked at me like I was from Mars.  Is there any doubt that someday, I’m gonna be telling some young gambling fool what it’s like to gamble in…(wait for it)…a real, live casino??? 

Online casinos are HUGE and every time I turn around, some 19 year-old college kid, probably sitting in his dorm room listening to Snoop Dogg, has just taken home one million big ones.  Never mind that the kid isn’t old enough to even ENTER a casino…why would he?  Online casinos, like anything on the internet, provide an unbelievable level of convenience.  Hey, I like taking the nasty Greyhound bus filled with weirdos from New York to Atlantic City as much as the next guy, but…oh yeah, no I don’t.  And THAT is why online casinos are only going to continue getting bigger and bigger.

Now if they could just figure out a way to simulate cocktail waitresses and free drinks from the confines of my home…


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