Whoever Said It’s Not Whether You Win or Lose Was an Idiot

Breaking News:  PlayboyGaming.com, the online casino of a certain men’s magazine is raffling off two tickets to Hugh Hefner’s birthday party in Vegas.  How does one qualify for this online betting extravaganza?  Although the winner will be drawn at random, to get your name in the hat, you need to have made a minimum deposit of $500 between February 18th and March 16th and your odds will be based on how many entry points you earn from slots and poker.

NOW…on their site, they also have a link to information about responsible gaming and talk about the importance of setting your own deposit limits with a 24 hour cooling off period.  Huh???  How do they expect us to cool off?  THE REWARD FOR GAMBLING IS TWO TICKETS TO HEF’S FREAKING VEGAS DEBAUCHERY-FEST!  What kind of twisted Pavlovian psychology is this?  Can you imagine Hef as a parent?

Hef and his “friends”

Daddy Hef:  “Timmy, if you come up with one hundred dollars in the next five minutes, I will give you the keys to the mansion plus a jacuzzi with Jenny McCarthy inside it.  However, YOU SHOULD COME INTO THIS MONEY RESPONSIBLY with a cooling-off period starting now.” 

Umm….yeah.  I see that happening.

Photo via The Age


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