You Have the Right to Remain Loaded

It’s not easy being a multi-gazillionaire.  At least not if you want to travel to the States anytime soon.  Just ask Calvin Ayre, founder of gambling titan BodogLife. 

Calvin Ayre of Bodog, one rich bastard

 Why is this man smiling?  I’ll give you four guesses…

But wait, isn’t it legal for American citizens to gamble?  Sure seems that way.  The Safe Port Act, specifically the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006, prohibits only the transfer of funds from a financial institution (say, your bank or Paypal) to an online casino or gambling site with some exceptions.  Find a way around it, which ain’t so hard to do (just Google “online payment” for starters), and you’re ready to gamble.

So why Calvin Ayre’s fear of getting arrested on American soil?  Arrest now, ask questions later, I guess.  Makes no more sense than how the record industries went after 14 year-old downloading kids years back.

Time will tell, I guess.  Good thing they have McDonalds in Antigua.


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