PurePlay: The Jury is Out (and The Verdict May Not Be Pretty)

This just in: PurePlay, an online poker site, has announced an upcoming tournament which will dish out $5,000 to the big winner and $10,000 overall. Not bad, ay? With somewhere between hundreds and thousands of online gambling sites, what makes this newsworthy?

Well, if you read this company’s website, they have as much to do with gambling as I do with Scarlett Johansson (sadly, nothing). Huh? How’s THAT work? By charging its players a flat membership fee ($20/month), they take the risk of loss out of the picture yet they still manage to dish out cash prizes to winners of these games.



Poker…I don’t even KNOW her!

This blog just got a lot more interesting…

Ok, ok, I see where they’re going with this…wait, no, I don’t. Their site also says that they’ve given away $2.7 million. My first thought was “where the heck is this money COMING from?” Millions of $20 subscribers? There are no advertisements on the site. Hmmm…


A quick Google search revealed some less-than-flattering comments about PurePlay. “Art”on RipOffReport.com was charged before his free trial period ended, then was not only unable to get in touch with anyone by phone but also unable to even find any employee names associated with their company’s registered domain in the publicly accessible domain records online.


Strike one.


Appended to an interview with PurePlay’s CEO on PartTimePokerNews.com were comments from other users. “Tony” questioned the legitimacy of the site’s software, specifically the terrible hands he was dealt time after time. While I won’t confirm or deny this experience, I also can’t say I’m terribly surprised. In this article about choosing the best online casinos, the author notes the importance of the gaming software. Not only do we not know what software PurePlay uses, unlike every major gaming site, there is no indication on their home page as to what it is or even that it’s trustworthy.


Strike two.


Last example: “Newshound” on AssociatedContent.com experienced a level of play that was different from offline poker or even online games where players’ money is at stake. With nothing to lose, everyone goes all in regardless of what they have in their hands, knowing that they can simply join another game if they lose. They also didn’t make the payout easy with him having to send a copy of his drivers license.


Strike…well, let’s call it a foul ball.


Based on the player feedback thus far, the count is not in favor of PurePlay right now. As the old saying goes, caveat emptor: Let the buyer beware…even if it’s only $20 worth. Now about that Scarlett..


2 responses to “PurePlay: The Jury is Out (and The Verdict May Not Be Pretty)

  1. Dear Blog Moderator and loyal readers,

    We here at PurePlay.com would like to take this opportunity to respond and just make sure that the correct information is available to everyone here.

    First and foremost, PurePlay has in fact paid out over $2.7 million dollars since the Player’s Club began in 2005. There are multiple revenue channels that support these prizes, including ads in the game room shown to Basic Members (non-subscribers and financing from well respected venture capital firms in California. We’re a young company, and we know we need to invest in our product in order to make it as compelling and fun as possible to keep our loyal members, well, loyal.

    Regarding issue #1, the RipoffReport.com posting by ‘Art’: We’ve been in direct contact with Art both before and after his posting, and we’ve satisfied all of his concerns to our understanding. Art was mistaken on some of the issues he was upset about; He was never billed prior to the end of his Free Trial but rather at the conclusion of it, which is how Free Trials typically work. Art didn’t try to unsubscribe prior to the end of his Free Trial, but after, and once he did request to unsubscribe from the Player’s Club we took care of this for him immediately and he was not billed again. He enjoyed the benefits of the Player’s Club while he was subscribed and even won multiple cash prizes. We take our jobs seriously where player satisfaction is concerned, and we’ve apologized to Art for the confusion and difficulty that caused him to post his report. We’d love to have him back, and we certainly hope he’s now satisfied with us.

    As far as our servers and proxies being private, we do not attempt to hide our identity in any way and we’re public about the fact that we operate out of San Francisco, CA and our CEO is Jason Kellerman. The information contained on our server grid is not public domain but rather private, and in order to ensure the security of not only the site itself but all PurePlay members we block attempts to access our servers and domains directly. This is common practice for any company, web or otherwise.

    We’ve encouraged Art to reply again to the RipOffReport after we explained all the facts behind his concerns, and we hope he does.

    Regarding issue #2, The reply to the article on Parttimepoker.com: We have been in direct contact with ‘Tony’, who posted this article, and he has since disclosed to us that he was simply frustrated at the time of his postings. Nobody likes to lose on the river, but it happens, and when it happens it’s tempting to blame the software. After speaking with us, Tony is satisfied with the play on PurePlay and uses the service frequently to this day.

    We make no attempt to hide the fact that our software provider is CyberArts (this information is easily accessible from the software itself) and that the Random Number Generator used in the software is certified to be random and fair by an independent testing agency. We have a strong incentive to encourage fair play in our room, because we’re not a rake site that can earn 100’s of dollars from a given player in one sitting. We rely on the loyalty of our members, and we couldn’t do that if we were manipulating game play.

    Regarding issue #3, the idea that all players are merely all-in ‘lotto’ players: We’re constantly improving our game play and adding new features to our software in order to encourage disciplined play. Like any site that offers some free play, we need to constantly monitor and adjust our games to make sure they’re actually fun. The assertion that everyone goes all in on every hand in the room isn’t really true. The majority of the players on our site take their game play very seriously, particularly in the dozens of cash tournaments we run daily. We encourage anyone who is interested to log in and play themselves. We think our members are some of the best poker players on the web.

    Lastly, the reason we are required, and therefore require, players to submit a copy of their ID to claim the first prize they win with us is simply to validate their age, identity and address. PurePlay.com does not allow players under 18 to play and we take this policy very seriously.

    We encourage the writer of this blog to contact the sources quoted above directly to corroborate the facts as presented here. We also encourage all players to log in and play and see for themselves the fun and fair game play at PurePlay.com.


    The PurePlay Team

  2. I play here almost every night and experience first hand the action flops and terrible bad beats. It is truly insane how bad it is sometimes.
    That being said, I have never paid them a dime for the playing time and have collected over $1,000 in under 11 months.
    They have been quick to respond to any questions and the payouts have been smooth. ( After proving you are who are just once)
    Like every other site I have played at in the last 10 years, the dealer software is flawed and favors lower skilled players who have no idea what Odds are supposed to be like.
    If anyone thinks any online site is better than another you are very wrong. It has been my personal experience that they all suck in regards to rewarding lousy play. How else would they be able keep the mediocre players coming back if they didn’t cater to them.
    Play here or anywhere at your own risk, know there is something flawed with all the software and have some fun!

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