American’s (Tali)ban on Internet Gambling

Anyone up on the latest gambling news will clearly see the pattern emerging – the road to legalised gambling in the United States. Well, some of the united states, that is. 

Take New Jersey for example. Declining revenues among its 11 Atlantic City casinos are hurting the state to the point where legislators are now talking about permitting sports betting in order to stem falling revenues. The blame of course is being placed on competitive pari-mutuels operating in neighbouring states New York, Delaware and Pennsylvania.  

And in Washington State, poker-player Lee Rousso has announced his intention to unseat Governor Christine Gregoire, who in 2006 passed a law outlawing online gambling in the state. Get caught playing online poker in Washington – a Class C felony – and you’re facing a similar punishment awarded to repeat drunk drivers and child molesters. Washington,  incidentally, permits gambling in Indian-operated casinos and other locales.  

But as anyone with shoulders under their head knows; at the end of political day, money talks and bullshit walks. It’s just a matter of time before the online gambling biz rescues the land-based monopolies from their imminent demise. It’s all in the cards.


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