In the Cards

The problem with the gaming biz is there are too many corporate players. Common sense tells us that with over 2000 sites preying on unsuspecting gamblers, chances are (and we are in the ‘chances are’ business), some of them play unfairly. Thus it stands too reason that what’s needed, and probably already on its way, is a consolidation of major market leaders, and with it, online gambling regulations like never before.

Today’s gambling market leaders are also the firms with the most money at stake. Partygaming, Cryptologic, Playtech are just some of the public companies trading on the London Stock Exchange. Thus, they are also under meticulous scrutiny from both investors and regulators alike. 

My prediction? These leading companies are more likely to be the ones to develop and implement the safety measures the online gambling industry requires if it’s going to ever establish real legitimacy.


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