Getting Around the Poker Ban

Ever since the Americans passed their awful Unlawful Internet Gaming Enforcement Act, poker players have been at somewhat of a loss at getting their poker kicks over the Net. But leave it told Yankee know-how to find a way around the new law of the land.  

According to an article in today’s San Francisco Chronicle, California based-company PurePlay has developed a way for poker lovers to still play online and win actual cash prizes without having to wager any dough.  Participants simply purchase a $20 membership which grants them ‘free’ access to some 1,500 tournaments worth a total of US$150,000 in prize money. In other words, it ain’t gambling, it’s fun!

The one major drawback, however, is that the site is apparently polluted with advertisements. Personally, I think the US should ban all forms of advertising because it only encourages law-abiding citizens to risk their hard-earned untaxed money on things that can kill them, like fast food and fast cars and fast women.

I say it’s better to stay home with the wife and kids and get in more quality family poker time.


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