Homer Simpson – Role Model

A television commercial promoting online poker playing has been aired on Australia’s TV3, causing plenty of outrage. The ads allegedly aired during a prime time broadcast of the popular Simpsons TV series. The company behind the spots is Pokerstars, a leading name in the online poker game.  

Now I’m all for protecting kids and stupid adults from the evils of gambling (pronounced ‘losing’). But to do so because some nine-year-old kid sees it on the Simpsons and runs to tell her father, who happens to be John Stansfield, the CEO of the Problem Gambling Foundation?  

What the hell was that child doing watching the Simpsons?! And unsupervised by an adult, I might add?!! Homer Simpson… role model? Yeah, if your idea of role modelling is pigging out on jelly doughnuts and beer and forcing your kid (Bart) to skateboard through town stark naked because he lost a bet to his cartoon father figure. Some dad, John.  

I grew up watching the Simpsons and look what happened to me. Fair enough, I turned into a gambling writer. But there are millions of others who were educated on the Simpsons and you don’t see them ‘dealing’ with any gambling problems. You WILL see them skateboarding through town naked, though.


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