Gambling Addiction: DEAL WITH IT!

Banning online gambling because some people have gambling problems is like banning cars because people get killed driving them, which is also a problem.

It’s time we cut the bull and ‘deal’ with helping those needy folk with gambling problems, which are not going to vanish by attempting – however futile – to deny all gamblers access to online casinos, poker rooms and bingo sites. We all know the issue in any country outlawing online gambling – be it the US, France, wherever – is all about money and not ethics. The real unfair gaming is not being perpetrated by the online gambling operators, of whom many are responsible, publicly traded firms. But by the politicians protecting their state lottery and horseracing monopolies, as well as offering protection to the land-based casinos. Kind of mafia-like, don’t you think?

Just a thought. 🙂


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