Online Gambling’s Fault Line

So like, how is it that the enlightened world is in such a noble position to blame the rise in problem gambling on Internet casinos, poker rooms and sportsbooks etc.? It’s not like gambling came after the Internet. Heck, if gambling DID come after the Internet you can bet today’s online casinos wouldn’t be modelled after those shacks lining the Vegas Strip. In fact, online casinos – as we know them today – would probably be more church-like in design and offer bonuses to totally die for like, ‘Deposit $100 – Secure your place in Heaven.’ Sad, things could have turned out so much healthier for all of us. L

The truth is problem gamblers simply needn’t fly off to gambling cathedrals as much anymore and run up unnecessary travelling expenses like flights, hotels, strippers, bail. Thus, any rise in gambling problems – online or off – is entirely the fault of traditional gambling.

Deal with it.


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