Believe ’Em or Not

Following are some stats concerning the gambling industry. How accurate they are is totally up to you to determine, after all, this is a risqué biz by nature and no matter how you slice it, plenty is left to chance. In other words, you can’t believe everything you hear or read (or wish for).

So, having shed all responsibility on our part, feel free to email us any corrections/updates to the statistics listed here. We have no pride.

According to a November 7, 2007 report in the News Scotsman, in the past 12 months almost 25% of all Internet users in the UK have logged on to gambling websites to play poker.

23% of 3,822 people surveyed by market analyst Mintel said they had played poker in the past year. Of these, 7% said they play poker everyday and 14% play at least once a week.

50% of those questioned said they watched poker played on TV. 20% said watching poker played on television is what compelled them to begin playing poker.

Televised poker has boomed in the past few years, from 13 hours in 2001 to nearly 540 hours in 2006.

Approximately 35% of the poker players assessed indulged just for the fun of it, without wagering any real cash.

Playing poker online is now as popular as playing at home with friends. Both attract around 14%.


One response to “Believe ’Em or Not

  1. tv poker makes me addictated at poker.

    is a good thing.

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