Rules Shmules!

OK, this may not be a gambling-relateditem, but I did find in an old (hard) copy of a gambling rag called Inside Edge Magazine. So there. Enjoy!

Here’s a question that‘ll stump you: In what year were the fastest animal in the world and the fastest man in the world both cheetahs? The answer, of course, is 1988, when cheating Canadian sprinter Ben Johnson ran a world-record 9.79 seconds in the Olympic 100 meter final in Seoul. That time was shocking enough, but even more astonishing was what followed.

Within two days, it emerged that Johnson was more full of drugs than Kate Moss after a cocaine supper. We should’ve guessed as much. Bulging eyes that saw nothing, the look of a zombie, the faintest sign of breasts, the incoherent worlds – we all should have known Kate was a user.


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