Doyle Brunson – Athlete of the Year

What?! Capitol Hill was recently over run by poker players bent on persuading congressional folk to legalize online poker? OK, now I am all for poker players having the right to play and (God help us all) gamble online, as should most gamblers, be they casino games enthusiasts, sports-betting buffs, or stockbrokers etc. But to go as far as to label poker as ‘sport,’ well that’s just a little too much for me and many others like me to accept. C’mon, Doyle Brunson an athlete? Yeah right! That’s like calling Paris Hilton an actress, or Britney Spears a responsible mother. But who am I to judge or name names.

Poker is a game, albeit one of skill, and regardless of whether it’s online poker or otherwise, on this premise it should indeed be legalized for all to enjoy, including bimbos and ‘athletes’ like Doyle (the Olympian) Brunson.


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