Surfer’s Turf

The word ‘Google’ ten years ago meant virtually nothing to most folks. “Google? What the hell is that?!” Yup, things have certainly changed since that time, and today if you suggest to someone that they “Google it” and they return a blank expression on their face, you can safely assume they’ve either been in a comatose state for about a decade or they are simply not natives of this planet.Regardless of where you are coming from, (or where you’re going), if you are thinking of joining the online gaming action at any of the 2,000+ online casino websites, it’s nice to know Google flies direct to the most of them.

Meet John Public
Fair enough, though a casino may be deemed ‘popular,’ this doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best in all aspects. However, it does provide players with a general clue of what others are saying about that specific venue. Affirmative public opinion is an excellent place to begin because, in contrast to what gambling website operators are likely to say about their own sites, Mr. John Public is impartial and a source you can rely on.

In no time whatsoever, relatively speaking, Google has secured an excellent name for itself among online surfers from cybercoast to cybercoast. Also, with each new day, additional tools and novel Googling techniques are surfacing. Indeed, Google today enjoys unprecedented might, a phenomenon mankind has not known until now.

Just Google It
Got a sneakin’ suspicion about your younger sister’s boyfriend? Just Google him. If he’s bad news, you’ll know it in a flash.
Or perhaps you’re wondering which is the more often-used English expression:a) I could care less.
b) I couldn’t care less.

Interestingly, ‘a’ won in terms of the overall number of Google search results: 974,000 to 52,700. However ‘b’ “I couldn’t care less” – the correct expression – turned up 586,000 results. Go figure.

What you can accomplish today with Google’s enormous power and reach – plus at lightning speed and virtually free – is nothing short of remarkable and the possibilities are infinite. Yet what does this mean precisely for current as well as would-be online gamblers?

Google & You (Best Friends Forever)
When one considers the fact that the most vital decision an online gambling enthusiast can make is which gambling site to sign-up with and wager real money at (and of course which sites can be trusted), Google is your best mate.

All you’ve got to do is enter keywords like ‘online casino’ or ‘Internet gaming’ (or any combo of similar gambling-related words), and VOILA! – thousands of results will come up on your computer monitor for you to select from. Where Google’s power can really work for you is when you may have doubts about a certain Internet casino and wish to find out what other players are already saying about that venue. By entering the words “worst Internet casinos” – or similar keywords in Google, you’ll discover in mere seconds which online casino websites can be trusted and which ones you ought to steer clear of.


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