Poker Shmoker

Not too many employers pay their workers to play poker in the company’s offices during business hours. But given that ours is an online gaming organization – both poker and online casino games – it only makes good business sense that the folks behind these gaming products possess the product knowledge required in order to better serve their clients, n’est pas?

And that’s precisely what happened yesterday when our fine firm held a poker tournament for the whole staff. Now, between you and me and the Internet, I prefer the action and exhilaration of casino games. And though I grew up playing poker with my buddies for toothpicks – real toothpicks – inside I always sensed I was a casino gayms sort of guy. There, I said it. I’m out of the closet.

Casino games like craps and roulette (American, European, Russian) are all about excitement… particularly when you are losing! In contrast, poker is a far more serious enterprise. Too serious for this chap. And how in hell can I trust the other players at the table when they are all sporting reflective sunglasses, indoors I might add.

Anyhow, to keep a wrong story short, I suddenly find myself seated at a poker table with my co-workers, only I forgot to bring my poker face along. I was still in casino fun mode but couldn’t help notice that my so-called “colleagues” were clearly eyeing my chips like sharks on the verge of a feeding frenzy. (I couldn’t see all their eyes, but what eyes I did see, were clearly eyeing my chips.) “Okay,” I thought to myself, “I’ve no chance of winning against these real-life gambling professionals so I might as well have as much fun as I can, while I can, if I can.

With my company-paid chips squandered in less time than you can say Lou Zur, I finally understood what Kenny Rogers meant when he sang, “You gotta know when to fold up…” It’s really quite simple, when you’re all out of cash, you’re done. Game over. Or you get shot to death at the poker table like the Wild West’s “Wild Bill” Hickok, God rest his poker soul.

Either way, you bes’ have fun gamblin’, ya hear?


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