Gamblers and Problem Cougars

Less than a week ago, my darling 20-year-old niece and her boyfriend returned from a weekend trip to Las Vegas. Lucky for them, they actually returned home to Canada with more money won than they wagered. Way to go kids! But remember, gambling can be hazardous to your health.

With my curiosity piqued, I did a little investigative work (pronounced ‘Google’) in order to find out what the chances are of anybody leaving Las Vegas with more cash won playing casino games than they started with? The answer: approximately 45%.

The night following her return from Sin City, my same (darling) niece was driving home from her boyfriend’s place – a mere five-minute drive – and cruising along at a comfortable 60 kmh when a cougar suddenly sprints out from no where and BAM! – smashes right into the front of her car, destroying among other things, the front headlight and fender, causing $1,700 in damage. Though my (darling) niece was not hurt, I doubt the excitement caused by the crash will ever be matched in Vegas, even by Celine Dion.

The cougar’s condition is unknown, having managed to keep running even after the accident. Also, so far there’s been no word from any insurance companies reporting any claims filed by any cougars.

Which begs the question: What are the chances of crashing into a cougar, or any animal for that matter, on an urban street in a city with one million people?

Obviously, we have no clue. But the chances are much lower than coming out of Vegas a winner. My point is? Pack up and move to Las Vegas ASAP before you hit another animal. Or better yet, just stay home and play online casino games.

No cougars, no worries.


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