America’s Unenforceable Future

With the United States’ Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) in full swing and loads of casino operators running for cover, plenty of gambling websites are even quicker (and could not be happier) to fill the highly lucrative void. One would think the Gold Rush days had suddenly returned, and in many ways they have. Even high profile operators with much to lose, such as Bodog and many other online casino sites, are evidently unperturbed by the law and plowing as deep inside American gamblers’ pocketbooks as they can get away with… for now.

These fearless (or foolish) website operators – and they number in the hundreds – are continuing to actively promote their gaming wares to US residents; a risky proposition indeed, and one the Treasury Department is gearing up to tackle. To which all we can say is, “Good luck!”

Actually that’s not true; we online gambling proponents have plenty to say about the online gambling debate in the US in particular, plus other countries in general where Internet betting has also been outlawed. But for now, we’ll just cite a few examples illustrating how America “got it wrong.”

a) It is a hypocritical policy
b) It is a protectionist measure
c) It is unAmerican
d) It is political in nature
e) Billions of tax dollars will be lost
f) Minors will still gamble online and more easily
g) Problem gamblers will suffer even greater addictions
h) All of the above.

The bottom line is this: In today’s fast-changing global and cyber worlds, a successful ban on online casino sites, poker rooms, and bingo sites etc. is doomed to failure. The prohibition on Internet gambling is not only misguided and reckless, it’s also unenforceable. There, I said it. ‘UNENFORCEABLE.” As long as American’s wish to play poker, they’ll find a way to play poker, be it online, offline, or out of line.

For those of you who still don’t get it, to better understand the situation one need only remind him/herself of that proverbial question, “Why do dogs lick their testicles?”


One response to “America’s Unenforceable Future

  1. we shall overcome

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