Online Poker Ban: Dumbing Down to New Lows

Considering all the skill that goes into playing and winning at poker, online or off, one would come to the reasonable conclusion that it’s actually a science. Thus, if the United States and other “responsible” governments deem it absolutely necessary to ban online poker playing (in the pure interest of their voters’ wellbeing), it is only fitting that other sciences be prohibited as well. Okay folks, that’s it: no more biology, no more chemistry, and no more physics. Heck, while we’re at it, why not also ban religion, and Corn Flakes. (I could swear I saw the image of The Virgin Mary’s ear on a Corn Flake once, before the milk washed my imminent fame good-bye. I’m not bitter.)

The point is this: the Republican’s awful Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA), designed to eradicate online casino sites and their ilk, is more than just blatantly hypocritical and protectionist in nature, it’s downright dumb and geared to protect those same dumb people responsible for voting in the nearly-as-dumb legislators passing dumb and dumber laws. Hell, it’s enough to strand any freedom-loving American in the 51st state, and that is: total dumbfoundedness!


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