Gambling with the State of State Lotteries

According to a commentary posted on the Christian Science Monitor’s official website today, a number of US states are already taking steps to sell off their state-run lottery monopolies.The fear shared by the CSM and many others is that those American citizens most likely to suffer from the lottery sales are “the less well-off – much like gambling itself,” claims the article’s author. Also, in private hands, the lottery monopolies are likely to become more aggressive in terms of marketing; again hurting those most vulnerable; the young and the poor.

What a load of crap!

Like any business, privately operated lotteries will have to adhere to those regulations designed to protect the public, especially those considered most at risk. Even if adequate guidelines are put in place, failure to enforce these principles will result in more of the same problems caused by unregulated and/or non-enforced rules.

The same applies to any sector of the gambling industry be it in land-based casinos, online casino sites , horse racing, sports betting, and church bingo. That is – regulated or not – gamblers will gamble and hypocrites will practice what they preach; protectionism. There’s no surer bet.

If those folks out there are so bent on protecting the world from the evils of gambling, particularly the unprecedented demand for and subsequent proliferation of online casino sites, perhaps instead of trying in vain to push this popular pastime into the Dark Ages (where the sleaziest of sleaze reside), the light of modern-day thinking and closer scrutiny ought to be shed on ALL forms of gambling. After all, lotteries, whether state-owned or otherwise, are only part of the problem. Determined addicts and minors will find a way to wager their money no matter how much governments try do eradicate certain forms of gambling. Prohibition will fail and, in the absence of responsible regulating , those destined to ultimately pay the highest price are those same vulnerable folks the righteous are supposedly trying to protect: the young and the poor.  What’s contemptible is that everybody knows it.


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