World’s First Smoke-Free Online Casino Portal

British gamblers are being told to butt out. That’s right, come July 1st England will no longer allow smoking inside its land-based casinos.

Congrats to the Brits for not only embarking on a modern-day path to permit and regulate online gambling, butt for also extinguishing smokers from its land casino midst.

Immediately after getting wind of this news, I personally put in a long-distance telephone call to Britain’s Minister of Health butt was told he had stepped out for a fag. Now, being the enlightened American I am, I have absolutely nothing against non-heterosexuals, butt I do have a problem with folks resorting to derogatory name-calling. It really gets me fuming!

In just a few days, the UK’s no-smoking ban will go into affect and with it many Internet gaming operators are anticipating that loads of gamblers currently frequenting traditional land casinos will opt instead to stay home more often (with the wife and kids) and safely indulge in their favourite games on their computers.

And for all you non-smoking English and not-so-English gamblers out there sick and tired of having to suck up other people’s secondhand smoke, you’ll be happy to find out there’s a smoke-free online casino portal out there just for you. Featuring everything from the biggest free cash bonuses to tips and tricks on how to win more cash more often, is indeed a breath of fresh air.


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