Happy National Internet Safety Month Everybody

According to their website, “The Interactive Media Entertainment & Gaming Association was founded in 2007 with the goal of working constructively & coopertatively with government at all levels, and other concerned citizens & corporations, to continue the remarkable growth of the Internet, and to promote innovation, openness & freedom as the path to even greater benefit of this medium for all.”

Bravo guys! It’s nice to know that – in this Internet age – some folks are prepared to accept and “deal with” the realities and challenges our supposedly free society must contend with if it wishes to remain free. Of course, I’m referring to the recent phenomenon of online gambling in particular and the problems associated with gambling in general (i.e. compulsive gambling, underage gambling, and money laundering by criminal elements who, incidentally, are being wooed into the gaming biz increasingly more as the government forces operators to relocate either offshore or underground).

In their gallant effort to help protect children from the risks associated with online gambling, American senators Joe Lieberman (ID-CT), Barack Obama (D-IL) and Ted Stevens (R-AK) tabled a motion making June “National Internet Safety Month.” The resolution received unanimous senate approval.

Happy National Internet Safety Month Everybody!

Now, what to do about the other 11 dangerous months?


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