Online Casinos – The Place for Stakes

The real meat with respect to gambling – be it online, offline or out-of-line – is playing real gambling games for real stakes, and not those ubiquitous play-for-free casino games offered by just about every Tom, Dick and Harrods.

Fair enough, the reason online gambling companies promote free-play is to help draw in more new players. The concept is simple: Novice or nervous gamblers – or both – are free to test ride an online casino’s designated free games prior to wagering any actual cash with the expectation that these folks will eventually convert into real money players. Of course, it’s a safe bet these free games are programmed so that the player wins relatively easily, thereby compelling him/her to gamble with real dough. Personally, I don’t see anything illegal or even unethical about this practice. In fact, the play-dough feature represents just one of the many advantages online casinos have over their land-locked rivals. Yeah, those same Vegas-type operators bent on keeping the online blackjack man down.

Simply put, one needn’t be a rocket scientist to understand why casino operators are not nearly as interested in your funny money as they are in your true blue greenbacks. After all, Internet gambling is a business, and a massive 12-billion dollar one at that. As the competition among the hundreds of online gaming sites continues to heat up by the day, more original benefits are bound to crop up in the best interests of consumers, effectively separating the winning casinos from the duds. And even though Google and Yahoo! do not permit play-for-free advertising on their search engines, this feature is expected to continue, having proven itself as a highly successful method of building trust among both virtual and real-money gamblers.

Bottom line? If a player is naïve enough to assume that the random number generators behind real and free games are both programmed equally, I’ve got some land under the Atlantic Ocean they may want to buy.


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