America’s FUNdamentally Retarded Gambling Law

Hurray for House Rep. Barney Frank, the frankest of American legislators when it comes to defending the same human rights US soldiers are fighting and dying for all over the world; freedom, liberty, and the right to pursue a life of happiness, even if costs money – like when purchasing guns and alcohol and cigarettes.

In his valiant quest to have the UIGEA trashed, the free-thinking Democrat (blue on your voting ballot) from Massachusetts is only doing what he’s paid by taxpayers to do; lead the USA into the future and not the Dark Ages.

What this latest home-of-the-free prohibition does not do is discourage nor prevent Americans from gambling over the Internet. The policy is about as effective as the war on drugs – which was obviously conceived by folks on drugs.

In essence what the flawed law does is take all the fun out of living in a democratic country where citizens were once free to pay taxes. I mean let’s call a spade a spade. If the United States government can’t be straight with its taxpaying gambling-crazed voters over such blatantly hypocritical policies like the awful Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006, which was clearly designed to protect the angelic Vegas-like casinos and online horse racing betting biz, to cite just two examples, then they aren’t fit to govern.

Can you say “Election” boys and girls?

Quite frankly, Barney, you’re the man! And if I ever live and work in Massachusetts legally, you can bet on my vote.


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