One-Armed Bandits Stealing Online Gaming Tech

In a recent Las Vegas Sun article, reporter Liz Benston writes, “Slot machine manufacturers, sometimes slow to respond to technology, are catching up to
America’s love affair with faster computers, wide screen TVs and communal play on the Internet.”

Hello?! This “love affair” sounds a lot like online gaming to me.

The Sun continues with, “The new slot machines will allow gamblers to play more quickly, hit more payoffs & interact with – and compete against – other gamblers. And, in the end, they’ll also make more money for casinos.” Hello again?!

If the US government allows this trend to continue, before you know it there will be hundreds, no, make that thousands of so-called online gambling sites with cool names like Casino Tropez and Titan Poker . And guess what? They’ll all be catering to the desires of hard-working citizens deserving of a good time over the Internet while in the comfort and safety of their own homes with their families. After the government has taxed a large chunk of their earnings, shouldn’t Americans be free to spend what’s left of their income on what they wish, aside from alcohol and cigarettes, of course?

Ironically, or perhaps more apropos – hypocritically – the Vegas’ of the world are raping the online gambling industry of its cutting-edge technological breakthroughs while at the same time lobbying against the online gaming sector in the courts of public opinion, citing the dangers and immoralities of problem and underage gambling.

Fair enough. If the land-based casino operators want all that’s good from the online gaming pioneers , perhaps they’d be willing to begin shouldering the same responsibility and share some of their regulations and other protective measures designed to safeguard the American gambler? Given the growing and obvious trend among land casinos to emulate/exploit the online industry, it’s just a matter of time before the Vegas meccas jump on the broadband wagon and become part of the solution. All we in the online hood can say is, “Hurry the f888 up!”


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