Freedom: Are we there yet?

As millions of Americans honor their fallen soldiers this Memorial Day, it’s important to note precisely what these brave men and women died fighting for. No doubt the United States of America has always served as a beacon of hope for oppressed people around the world seeking freedom and liberty, and continues to do so. God bless her! However, it’s interesting to point out that while Memorial Day has traditionally been a time for families and friends to gather and remember their dead, it’s also experiencing a rapid climb in online gambling traffic, with specific regard to the online sports betting sector, namely the annual Indianapolis 500 auto race and the martial arts-type competition UFC 71 (Ultimate Fighting Championship). With both events, increasingly more folks are getting in on the gamblin’ action, but not nearly as many wagers are being placed compared to the Miss Universe beauty pageant, also traditionally held on Memorial Day. Betting on boobs and bottoms (and the girls’ wonderful personalities, of course), is enjoying a steady rise in – among other things – online wagers. Which begs the question: if Americans are free to gamble on poker and casino games in traditional land-casinos, why are they not free to gamble online as well? Were American’s fighting for and defending freedom, or protectionism and hypocrisy? And get this: What do recent media reports indicate that US troops based in Iraq are doing during their leisure time? Gambling. And for real money. And on US army-supplied slot machines. Anyone out there wanna bet on whether the awful Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) will be history by next year’s Memorial Day? I’ll give you this: the odds are much better than my ever scoring a date with the new Miss Universe.


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