UIGEA – Even the name sucks

Personally, I have little faith in the United State’s awful Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) ever succeeding beyond say more than two years. After all, it was by no means an accident that the bill was slipped in so surreptitiously with the Safe Port Act, a bill in which online gambling is totally unrelated, and passed in the midnight hour a day before Congress was adjourning for the 2006 election. Also, that the Republicans resorted to such covert methods suggests that they too didn’t think the online gambling, I mean ‘gaming’ inclusion would have passed had there been any… ANY debate!

According to my sources, November 2008 is just 18 months away and unless there’s peace in the Middle East soon (yeah right), the Democrats will be turning the Right House into the White House just in time for Bush’s departure. And though it’s wrong to place bets over the Internet in the good old USA… Lady Liberty’s home… where Uncle Sam Wants You to gamble (but God forbid not on elections), I’ve decided to put everything I’ve got – and then some – on Hillary.

Swank, that is. I mean c’mon, what could be better than having a million dollar babe for president? Go ahead, call me a freedom writer.


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